Mastering Hair Cutouts in Photoshop: A Step by Step Guide


Cutting hair out in Photoshop can be a demanding task but if you have the right techniques and patience you can achieve truly breathtaking results. In this guide we will take you through the step by step process of removing hair from an image using various tools and methods. Additionally we’ll explore an AI powered alternative called ClearOff that simplifies the hair cutting process.


Step-by-Step Guide to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop

Here are the various steps involved when cutting hair in photoshop:

Selecting the Image

To begin start by picking an image that has a subject with defined and distinct hair. Images with backgrounds that provide contrast and clear outlines will make the whole process much smoother.

Utilizing the Quick Selection Tool

Next open up your chosen image in Photoshop.. Select the Quick Selection Tool (W) from the toolbar on the left hand side of your screen. Carefully. Drag this tool over the hair to create a selection. You can use the [+] and [ ] buttons in the tool options to add or subtract from your selection as needed.

Fine Tuning Your Selection with Select and Mask

Once you’ve made a selection using the Quick Selection Tool head over to Select > Select and Mask in Photoshops menu bar. This amazing feature allows you to refine your selection edges and deal with any areas around the hair more precisely. Play around with sliders, like Radius, Smoothness, Feathering and Contrast to perfect your selection until it seamlessly blends into its surroundings.

Apply the Refine Edge Brush

In the Select and Mask tool employ the Refine Edge Brush to carefully brush over sections where the hair seamlessly merges with the background or exhibits edges. This particular action aids Photoshop in comprehending the details of individual hair strands resulting in a more authentic and lifelike extraction.

Creating a Layer Mask

Once you’ve made your selection and are happy with it go to the “Select and Mask” dialogue box. Click on the drop down menu labeled “Output To.” From there select “Layer Mask.” This will generate a layer mask based on your selection.

Refining the Hair Cutout

At this point the subjects hair should be successfully separated from the background. However there might still be some areas that appear unnatural. To fix this issue grab the Brush Tool (B). Choose a soft brush. Use paint to hide parts of the image or white paint to reveal them on your layer mask. This technique allows you to adjust any remaining imperfections.

Enhancing the Hair Cutout

For further improvement of your hair cutout create a layer, beneath your subjects layer and fill it with either a solid color or a background of your preference. This step enables you to check for any remaining problems, with the cutout and make any modifications.


Introducing ClearOff. The AI Powered Alternative

When it comes to cutting out hair in Photoshop the manual process can be time consuming and demanding especially when dealing with hairstyles and complex backgrounds.. Now there’s ClearOff. A powerful AI powered tool that changes the game.

ClearOff is a web based tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically remove unwanted objects from images even those with complex hair regions. So why should you choose ClearOff? Here’s what sets it apart;

  • Time Efficiency: With ClearOff you can say goodbye to spending hours tuning selections. Instead it delivers results in a matter of seconds.
  • Accuracy: Thanks to its cutting edge AI technology ClearOff accurately separates the hair from the background ensuring natural looking cutouts.
  • User Friendly: Whether you’re a designer or a beginner ClearOffs interface is simple and easy to use.
  • Batch Processing: Need to work on images at once? No problem! ClearOff supports batch processing saving you more time.


Mastering hair cutouts in Photoshop is crucial, for designers and photo editors. By following the instructions given you can master the art of creating flawless hair cutouts through perseverance and honing your skills. However if you’re looking for a more automated option ClearOffs cutting edge AI technology provides a convenient alternative that saves time and guarantees precise outcomes. Ultimately whether you opt for the traditional methods or embrace the advancements of AI it all comes down to your individual requirements and personal preferences.


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